In Their Words

Thank you for all your help in making the Aspen Seminar and events such a success. Everyone is excited about the additional funds raised at the Hines party - $50,000+ of new funds thanks to you!! And as always, a fun and fabulous party.
— MD Anderson
You ladies were phenomenal! You executed just flawlessly and everyone took notice. So many people gave us high praise regarding your team for us to pass on to you. I can tell you that I was 100% able to relax and take it all in. I knew you had it covered. And this was not a small-scale event…it was 5 event, 300 person, wedding weekend extravaganza. And add in Kosher on top…just wow.
— Stefanie H.
Nelson and I just want to thank you all from the bottom to the tops of our hearts for making our wedding weekend so perfect and special! It was everything we could have hoped for and more, and all of your contributions helped to make it so. We know how hard that you all worked for our event and us and we appreciate all of your efforts so very much. Comments from our guests include: ‘best wedding I ever went to,’ ‘magical,’ ‘most amazing food ever!,’ and from toughest critic, ‘the wedding of the century!’ Of course we are delighted that our guests had so much fun, but just as importantly, we did too and we cannot adequately express our gratitude to all of you! We will be floating on our happy cloud of joy for quite some time and always remember the happiness and beauty that you all helped to create for us.
— Debbie & Nelson
It was truly one of the best nights on planet earth and (I) feel honored to be a part of it. In addition to being continually moved by the speeches, I/your party, danced for a total of 7/8 hours in one night-which is not only illegal in at least 40 countries, it’s telling of what was in the air and what you created.
— Nick B.
What a weekend – WOW! Thank you for making OutGiving such a huge success. The thing that I’ve always admired about this community is that beyond the obvious generosity – there is a clear sense of compassion and intellectual curiosity about changing the world. That was on full display this weekend – and you were a big part of making that happen.
— Gill Foundation
Thank you so much for all you did to bring the most truly incredible weekend to life for us in August. Our wedding at the Evan’s Ranch was so much more than we ever really imagined it would be – more beautiful, more elegant, more fun, more perfect, more life changing. It has literally taken me over three months to start to feel normal again, the experience was that overwhelming. Thank you for putting up with months of us – our worries, our nit-picking, our nerves…I simply cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, your beautiful attention to detail, your patience. IT was absolutely the experience of a lifetime and we will never forget it. So thank you, a thousand times.
— Claire & Davide
Thank you very much for Woody Creek’s sponsorship of and partnership in Aspen Peak Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Celebration at Bootsy Bellows hosted by David Arquette, which was a phenomenal success, due significantly of course to you and your amazing team!
— Judson B.
We were very happy with Elizabeth and her wonderful team of professionals! EKS kept all of us and the many pieces moving in the right direction. Elizabeth did it with calmness, empathy at times when needed, but no drama, and for that reason above all, I will always be extremely grateful to her. When we were in the process of trying to decide on EKS, I talked to many people in the Aspen area and found that Elizabeth is very well known and highly respected. I would meet people through our friends and family that live there and I would always hear nice and professional things about EKS and Elizabeth. From the way our wedding turned out, I know we did pick the best for us.
— Becky P.
I just don’t know what to say about you two! What a beautiful, perfect evening! Several friends asked me if there were any glitches and gosh, there were just none. The flowers were just magnificent! None of us have ever seen peonies as large as those. The music was beautiful and added so much to the ceremony. And then there was the beautiful tent. I had seen many photos in magazines that I loved but what I saw when I arrived was prettier than the prettiest pictures. It was an 11 on a 10 point scale. I loved it! The flowers were just beautiful, table setting elegant and the food timely and delicious. I can’t say enough about the service, food and facilities at the St Regis. Everyone from the waiters to the management was top notch. Our guests loved being there! The rooms were beautiful and we all felt very special. Now to the best part which was definitely the band. They were absolutely the best! Everyone said it was the best wedding that had ever been to. Of course it was my daughter and I thought so. There is no way I can thank you enough for making one of the most important events in my life such a tremendous success. After the reception when James and I got back to the room, I was absolutely speechless. Honestly, it was perfection! Ryan, you are the best! Elizabeth, you and EKS totally aced it. I have to say that I felt like a guest. Maybe everyone thinks their daughter’s wedding is the best and I guess I will just join that group. Thank you so much for making all of the Moores happy on one of the most important days!
— Lynn M.
I can’t thank you enough for organizing a flawless wedding. The small number of glitches evaporated in the context of an extraordinarily complex undertaking which was executed brilliantly. We talked a lot about “good” being acceptable, but “perfect” being our goal. You achieved “perfect”. Even the weather god was under control. There is a long list of people who I would like to thank personally, and I will do so, but please pass this message on to them as you see fit. Miles and Jenn delivered one of the best meals I have ever had anywhere anytime. The beef was cooked perfectly with a tasty crust, the potatoes were to die for, and everyone raved about the fish. When have you ever seen people sharing tastes at a wedding? Beth and Elias decorated a stage set with a deft touch. The flowers and colors and textures were extensions of our home. We achieved our goal of a seamless journey from the church to our living room to our patio to our dining tent to our dancing tent. While we had some minor challenges with maintaining the tall grass, Eric and his team delivered on my vision of an invisible restroom trailer, an elegant deck and boardwalk, and tent platforms that had minimal impact on the landscape. He worked under grueling conditions and did not buckle under intense pressure. Driving the restroom trailer across the lawn without damaging it was the coup de grace. The guys from Alchemy were extraordinary. They provided the sound and light backbone of every event, and were not to be seen. Amazing professionals. Paul and Marc erected the tents with a remarkable level of personal care and attention. They wanted them to look as good (inside and out) as we did. I can’t tell you how many compliments we received. Amy’s written materials were elegant, and provided a high level of consistency from the invitations to the program to the place cards, setting the tone for each event. Riccardo and Shondia were delightful. I never saw them! And then, out of nowhere, Riccardo would appear and take a photo. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I now realize that, notwithstanding the extensive preparation, you don’t really see your own wedding. You only see the people! And you and Ryan and Jordan were everywhere, within reach all of the time. Never flustered, always on top of your game. You made us feel like we were running the show. But, little did we know what was happening (and what was going to happen) simultaneously. The logistics of transportation, valet were seamless. It’s the little things I appreciate – like running to get towels to mop the patio, drying off the jeep, getting parking places for the cars, delivering the gift bags to our Aspen friends after we committed to do it. You don’t know the word “No” and you are always smiling. Amazing. We loved this project and collaborating with you and your extended team. The party lasts only a few hours; the planning takes months; and the actual preparation takes days. Of course, a perfect result is the goal, but the process can be either a joy or a misery. You made it a joy. Thank you! And please thank all of the crews who spent so much time before, during and after the event, ensuring that Erin’s wedding would be perfect. All the best – you deserve a rest!
— Will M.
There are no words to adequately thank you all for making this wedding weekend celebration so magical! The reality of this fantasy at times seemed overwhelming but you were the glue that kept it all together! For this I am the most grateful! Every detail was perfectly planned and executed; and every wish of Ariella and Ryan’s was address meticulously, tastefully and elegantly adapted. Every guest was made to feel special; your gracious approach in both the planning and delivery of this was beyond compare. From the moment we arrived, everything was seamless and we were able to float through and allowed to relish each moment with family and friends, never worrying about anything!
— Maggie T.
Last night was truly breathtaking. The room looked gorgeous. Every detail was perfect. We are so grateful for all the hard work and planning that went into it. I can’t really tell you what a joy it was for us. Perfection, all around.
— Michael G.
The accolades have been pouring in! What more can be said except a heartfelt thank you for all that you and your team have successfully done to hugely be a part of this magical event. Your efforts, expertise and energy were endless. Your opinions were greatly valued with your good taste, talent and attention to detail. Any part that was a challenge, you were decisive and hit it head on! Your sincere caring and being excited about this wedding and wanting to please and make it right for us was warmly felt and appreciated. The process was fun and allowed us to be a guest & enjoy your own party!
— Elyse S.
I mentioned in passing that any party, and particularly one as grand as this one, is truly a reflection of the hosts. In your case, your joyfulness and openness and deep sense of the importance of the family and celebrating the moment all came through in spades. And the details were so perfect as well – the guys fly fishing in tuxedos, the elk horns on the trellis, the peach slices in the wine, the salad AFTER the main course (nice touch!) – well, it was all wonderful.
— Stuart B.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The evening was a roaring success – as you know the guests couldn’t stop talking about the invitations, the flowers, the décor, even the transparent umbrellas and, of course, the food – shocking everyone that is was ‘actually’ catered by the SkiCo! The only ‘problem’ with doing these all-out parties is that friends will always expect such grandiose events from now on! You both were wonderful and FUN to work with – your attention to details is what makes everything so different and special!
— Phyllis H.
I can’t thank you enough for your help, cooperation, and above all PATIENCE during the visit of the Vice President of the United States of America to Dallas, and The Ritz properties during tonight’s visit. As a Texan I am going to use Texas as an analogy here. The Texas A&M University Fighting Aggie Band is world renowned for their amazing half time shows and the wonderful shapes, configurations, and movements that they make while performing. If you don’t believe me, just Google one of the many millions of tiny adjustments that have been made to make it work. That is what happened here in Dallas tonight. Many single units working together as one to create one single fantastic event. It is teamwork like this that makes big, wonderful, and difficult things take shape and happen.
I feel like I have formed some friendships that will last forever on this advance. I had a wonderful time working with all of you and I hope that I have a chance to repeat the experience again. I know that this probably sound cliché, but I truly believe that this was the best team I have ever worked with. I hope I get the opportunity to work with all of you in the future. Thank you for making this so easy, making me look so good, and making it such a wonderful event for all involved. I appreciate you, and all of the sacrifices and tiny adjustments that you made to make today’s event such a success. A million thanks, You are the BEST!
— Special Agent, United States Secret Service